This page is dedicated to some of my electronic and software designs over the years.

I have been planning to create a hobby page for a long while now but due to heavy travel requirements from my job it has been on hold for a number of years. I have finally switched jobs and will have plenty of time to put up all my designs.

Here is a little teaser of what is coming:

Various Circuit ideas: - A compilation of various snippets and circuit designs which I have found useful over the years.

Creating Artwork Creating PCB artwork : - Easy steps to creating PCB artwork for home prototyping.

PCB Prototyping PCB Prototyping: - Easy steps to making near commercial grade printed circuit boards at home.

PCB Prototyping Remote Control Server : - Remotely control up to 5 servers or devices with this simple project.

DigiMax Lite DigiMax Lite CB channel mod: - This project is a CB channel mod to expand channels on a CB Radio.

PCB Prototyping DigiMax Tester : - This project reads binary number and displays it's decimal equivalent.

PCB Prototyping PCB Fuser: - A simple device to transfer laser printout of artwork to blank PCBs.

PCB Prototyping Temperature Trigger : - A simple device to trigger a relay on and off.

Creating Artwork 388 Watt Lab PSU : - Modifying a 27V / 14A Heavy Duty PSU.

PIC Microcontroller: - This section will have reference material and the software/hardware I use to design and debug microcontroller circuits.

Universal Latch for an alarm trigger: - This is a simple alarm output circuit that converts an alarm output to drive a 240V relay. It uses a variety of different input signals to drive an output.

Video Sensor: - This project uses input from two PAL/NTSC video cameras to calculate the X/Y offsets of crop marks for Digital double sided proofing system. It uses an RS232 interface to pass offsets back to image processing software for adjustment of the next print.

DigiMax DigiMax: - This is my current PIC microcontroller project. I have noticed there's a lack of functional design out there to enhance a CB radio's functionality. All CB radios come with an 18 or 40 channel selector switch. There are numerous MODs to enhance the good all CB radio but none that will give you the necessary control and features. So far the most advanced (until this project) was a device called "DigiScan", this device is very bulky and limited, the only advantage it has over a standard selector switch is the frequency display, I really can't justify the amount of modification to the radio for the price (especially if you are not electronically minded and are forced to fork out the cash for the install). For the price it is (for the lack of a better word) extremely limited and outdated. This project replaces the channel selector switch on CB Radios adding scanning, memory, direct digit frequency input functionality, scanning a range of frequencies or just memory locations (there are up to 100 of them) etc. It uses a simple way to program it to your radio. Currently it is 90% complete and will be going up on this web site shortly.

Realistic HTX-100 Scanning MOD Realistic HTC-100 Scanning MOD: - A long time ago I bought a 10 meter Amateur radio. Great little thing, however after a while of using it I realized that it takes a lot of time to sit there looking for activity on frequencies. This prompted me to design a scanning mod for it. Basically the radio would behave like a scanner saving me loads of tedious knob turning. This way I could just sit back and let the radio find activity for me.

Universal Temperature Controller Universal Temperature Controller: - This project come out of necessity. After spending countless hours googling on the net I have not found single one controller that was acceptable to be used in my new cooler. This prompted me to design one myself giving me the full control over the function and extra features. It is fully programmable through the menus and uses PIC Microcontroller to control LCD and various other bits in the fridge. It can be used as a cooler or heater controller (menu programmable).

Autonomous Robot: - The robot maps out the room and systematically vacuums it. (I hate vacuuming, what a waste of valuable time) It uses a PIC microcontroller and includes a wireless link back to a PC for programming, remote control, telemetary etc.

Home Automation System: - Yet another future design idea. I have noticed that we can buy some great Hi-Tech stuff off the shelf these days but they are all individual devices not able to talk to eachother or be controlled from a center point. There realy is no simple system that can convert your home to a home where you can control different devices remotely or even program in a schedule to turn on/off devices at specific time. There are a couple of systems being developed and sold but at a heavy price (most of this is in re-wireing your home which is ok if you are building a new home however very impractical if you are trying to convert an existing home). There is a simpler way to do this and it's all in my head at the moment. Once fully developed and tested I am hoping to sell this system. This is my next project after DigiMax.

There are many more to come, so please visit back regularly.

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